Brand New Baby

$250 | Brand New Baby

Brand new babies are my most favorite subjects to photograph! They can be challenging but by far the most rewarding.

This investment covers my talent and time taken to photograph, enhance and process your images only. Expect a 2-3 hour shoot. Prints, specialty products and digital images are not included, but can be purchased once the gallery is complete.

Allow 2-3 weeks after your session is over for editing and online posting. A private online gallery of your images will be available to view and purchase prints for 30 days. The opportunity to schedule a one-on-one Order Consultation is also available.


Frequently Asked Questions

When to do it.

I prefer to photograph my newborns within the first two weeks of life (ideally between 5-10 days). It’s within this time frame that they are most likely to sleep the soundest so posing and positioning is less likely to wake them.

Babies change so fast and it’s easy to forget how little they once were. Newborn photos help to preserve the memory of their itty bitty selves because they’ll never look like this again. It’s also very common for colic and baby acne to develop after the second week; and although it maybe possible for me to take out blemishes, getting a colicy baby to sleep soundly and pose in all of those cute positions can be next to impossible.

Where to do it.

I photograph all of my newborns in my studio where all of my special hats, blankets, baskets and props are close at hand.

How long will it take.

New babies require a lot of patience. I will never rush a session and take as much time as we need, allowing your baby to be my guide. Newborn sessions can therefore take 2-3 hours to complete. I want you to feel completely relaxed and enjoy every moment of your session without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

When to book.

In order to make sure that you secure a booking for your newborn baby, it is very important to contact me to reserve a date while you are still pregnant, preferably within your 2nd trimester or beginning of your 3rd. We’ll schedule a day that works closest to your due date and once your baby finally arrives, we can rearrange as necessary to keep within those ever important first 10 days of life.

What to expect.

A very warm environment and a comfy couch where parents can sit back and relax, even bring a magazine or book to read! Your baby will be bare bummed for a long time so come prepared with lots of baby wipes for accidents. I always have a stack of towels on hand for them as well. It can get messy and that’s okay. Sometimes when posing your baby with you they can have accidents, so it may not be a bad idea to bring an extra pair of pants or shirt, I do for myself.


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