I tell stories, ask silly questions, make funny noises and faces, jump around and play a lot of peek-a-boo. It’s not uncommon for me to look completely crazy trying to get a real reaction from a child. I want them to look straight into my camera so it’s always my goal to get expressions myself first without the help of a parent. I don’t just want smiles, I want personality even if it means I have to get grass stains on my knees, flip off my shoes to run faster, fake sneeze 34 times in a row or skin up my elbows.

Parents, just relax and have fun with me. Children can sense when their parents are relaxed and it’s alright if you need to hang back a little, sometimes kids are better when their parents are out of sight. Let me take the lead.

Patience is a virtue so I always allow time for a snacks or drinks. Sometimes I need one too! Also, meltdowns happen and it’s okay! A few minutes does wonders and I’ll never end a session during a meltdown.

When you get your gallery, I want the first thing you say is “that’s totally my child”. That doesn’t require a perfectly pleated dress, fancy shoes or old fashioned posing.

I want it to be real.